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We will be closed on Thanksgiving Day.

But it's not too soon to be thankful, especially for what's NOT in our sky. No smoke, no glow of flames, no white wall of a blizzard. We all have friends and loved ones in California, as well as the Northeast. Fire and ice.

Our photographer spent an hour or so watching the most boring sky in the country as the sun set yesterday, went home and watched the news and weather, and said "Thank You".

Sometime during the past week, this odd looking Rube Goldberg looking contraption showed up at our Alameda store. It's tucked safely away until we have the proper training to operate it.

We're planning something special this year, something VERY New Mexico. 

Stay tuned for the big reveal.

Meanwhile, Mr. Nhong has been busy turning our shade house at the Pan Am Fwy store into Christmas Alley. Fresh Oregon trees will be arriving next week!

ALL METAL ART 20% OFF - Mexican and Haitian

Getting ready! And if you're an EARLY holiday shopper, this is a great weekend to start!

New Arrivals: Wooden Benches!

New Arrivals: House Plants!

Check out the new benches & fountains as well as our fabulous fall decor!


Well, it would save a lot of climbing and digging for sure! We have expanded our amazing collection of landscaping rocks, often called 'giant gemstones', and we believe this is the most unique assortment of natural decor in the state. New shipment of flagstone, pre-drilled fountain rocks, and more. Start or expand your rock collection at Jericho Nursery!

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