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"Mulch your plants as weather warms to keep soil cool and conserve moisture."

Jericho Gardening Calendar, June

Soil Mender Cypress Mulch for best water retention, and their unique Enriched Mulch that reminds you "This year's mulch is next year's compost."

It's time to defend your turf! And your vegetables! And your fruit trees! Ask your Jericho Professional for recommendations.

MYTH: It's too late to plant the vegetable garden.

FACT: There is PLENTY of time to enjoy a bountiful harvest in our long growing season!

FOLKLORE: If you plant zucchini after the 4th of July, you won't get squash bugs.

ADVICE: Don't plant all your corn on the same day. Plant just a few feet of each row weekly so you have a continuing harvest as the corn matures.

We now stock flagstone in a variety of sizes and unique colors. We sell by the delivered pallet, like everybody else, BUT...

You can also by a single LAYER or even a single PIECE! Yes, we ROCK.​