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The bugs are snug. Make sure they never wake up.

Your trees and shrubs are dormitories for the dormant. Bugs that winter over, plus larvae and eggs. They are as eager for spring as you are. Visions of emerging buds, tender new foliage, and fresh fruit are dancing in their tiny little heads. And even smaller but just as destructive - pathogens and fungi that are almost impossible to stop during the growing season. Lurking. Waiting for their time in the sun.

Stop them before the have the chance to come to life. Spray with dormant oil and deprive the bugs, larvae, and eggs of oxygen NOW, and you'll never see the damage that they probably did LAST year. Treat with copper fungicide NOW and as soon as the spores of powdery mildew, black spot, rust and other fungi THINK about springing into action... their SPRING is OVER.




Pansies & Violas

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