It’s a whole new Jericho!

We’ve been unloading trucks and stocking shelves with 2015 Gardening Fun… a few things you have never seen, and a few things that we haven’t seen in YEARS as 2015 sees more and more first time vegetable gardeners as well as lots of landscaping plans getting put into action.  We’ll be offering ON SITE CONSULTATIONS this year… more about that next week.  We’ve received our first pansies of the season and a shipment of willow trees… and they’re on sale… click here to see what ELSE!

Yes, “Hot Caps” are back!  And a premium line of pottery from Alfresco Home.. and the Tunnel of Gardening Love, and portable GREENHOUSES, and… and… and… YOU GOTTA COME SEE!

BRING IN YOUR ‘RAIN CHECKS’… our pruning tools have arrived, featuring Stanley, Bond, and Fiskars products.