Sunday, May 29th, volunteers from the Spirit Squadron will be at our Pan Am Fwy location.  Join us in supporting this organization in their "Wreaths Across America" program and lots more!  Visit their website. 

Saturday, May 28th, volunteers from Rio Grande Valley Blue Star Mothers were at at BOTH Jericho locations.  Thanks for all the donated NON PERISHABLE FOOD ITEMS to be included in their gift boxes for our troops. Visit their website.

This is from an active-duty member of the Air Force who is currently deployed…

A message for all my civilian friends...

This Memorial Day, please don't thank me for my service!

It's not that I don't appreciate it, but your gratitude is misplaced. I'm still standing. Memorial Day is meant to honor those of my brothers and sisters who are no longer with us. If you truly want to say thank you to a veteran or active-duty military member, here's how: take a few minutes out of your 3-day weekend and go pay your respects at any of the thousands of Memorial Day services taking place across the country. Turn off your loud music and when the flag goes by, stand up. When you hear the bugle start to play Taps, place your hand over your heart. If there's an invocation, bow your head. You don't have to be religious to show respect. This is all I ask. I promise your weekend will still be there when you're done. Thanks for your time.

A Jericho Memorial Day Tradition:
Active Duty Military and Veterans DOUBLE YOUR NORMAL 10% DISCOUNT to 20%

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