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Welcome to Jericho Nursery, the home for all your yard and garden needs in the Albuquerque region! Visit our two locations, Osuna at Pan American or Alameda near Second Street, for expert gardening advice; bedding plants, color bowls, lawn care, plus shrubs and trees we’ll guarantee to grow; and all the garden tools and decorative items you need.

Browse the items below for what you need now to plant, fertilize, and beautify your yard and garden. Plan ahead with our Gardening Calendar or learn more by attending a gardening seminar or view our gardening videos or planting guide.

Did you know we doubled our plant guarantee for peace of mind combined with our expert advice and quality products?  We will double your warranty again if you use our delivery and planting services.  See us for more details. 

Jericho Nursery for all your yard and garden needs.  Hoorah!





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