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2019 Best of the City Ribbon Winner
Open Mon-Sat: 9am to 5pm
Sunday: 11am to 5pm
2019 Best of the City Ribbon Winner

Open Mon-Sat: 9am to 5pm
Sunday: 11am to 5pm

2019 Best of the City Ribbon Winner

Join us and garden party in the GROWING 20's! 

"Drip System Design" Gardening Seminar February 15th

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A Walk with Rick, February 13th

"We are continuing with transitioning to two greenhouses, as we adjust the thermostat in our formerly TROPICAL unit to between 40 and 50 degrees to suit hardier plants....

"...and get a larger selection of plants that need to be kept at 50 to 70 degrees. Our hanging baskets (shown in the photo here, taken a couple of weeks ago) went quickly and we have another shipment coming tomorrow. People are beginning to recognize these guys are the authorities on tropicals

"And more news on the Blooming Economy! A couple of years ago these "InstaBrace" brackets sold at 2 for $70 and now we have them 4 for $49.99. I built the raised beds in my home garden using these and some discarded decking. For fifty bucks and the cost of some lumber, you can build a nice raised bed in a fraction of the time. NO TOOLS REQUIRED!

"As I mentioned in a video a while back, many of our hummingbird feeders are $5 cheaper than last year, and we have gotten in some really cool new designs, with features like top-fill, bee guards, and ant moats. Let's do a special this week....

"But everybody knows we love bees. We have a special display from our Beekeeping Seminar instructor Justin Beeber... ha ha... Armstrong... and some really cool new "Save the Bees" decor. We have another Beekeeping Seminar on February 22nd, by the way...

"We now stock a great organic lawn fertilizer from Safer, called Lawn Restore. It's a really great organic fertilizer, and it's also got enzymes in that consume the thatch. It really works. And for those who prefer a conventional fertilizer, we have our custom blended 16-8-8, Yum-Yum Mix, and aerating sandals!

"We already have tomato plants, and have gotten our Wall'O'Water demonstration set up. We filled it with water and now it will stay in the sun for a week or so, bringing up the soil temperature before we plant the tomato. Can you find that video?

"And be sure you tell people coming West on Alameda to turn right at the big rack."

What do Albuquerque gardeners do in February?

Jericho Nursery's "Garden Talk"

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Hosted by Rick Hobson

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