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Our mountain of knowledge – 90% on the first try.

We are justifiably proud of our Jericho gardening professionals.Yes, when they are watering plants or arranging displays, they look pretty much like the seasonal part timers at your local ‘big box’ store that opens that big cage of plants every spring.

But just ask them a question. “How much water does this plant need? How much sun? Why are my tomato leaves curling up? What’s that gunky stuff running out of my cottonwood tree?” 90% of our employees are able to answer 90% of the questions they get. Joyfully.

But if you do manage to come up with a real stumper, they won’t guess. They’ll ask an expert. And quite frankly, that expert isn’t ALWAYS Rick or Jennifer Hobson. Rick and Jennifer sometimes get stumped, and THEY ask an expert – a member of their staff who is know as “The King of Trees” or “The Queen of Perennials” or even the “Walking Encyclopedia of Bugs”.

Keep those questions coming! Not only will YOU learn something, our STAFF will learn something. And even the “Chief of Chemicals” could know a little more about organic gardening!

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