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What Albuquerque Gardeners Should Do in February:  

  • Transplant mislocated plants.  
  • Spruce up outdoor containers with pansies, kale and dusty miller.
  • Clean up perennial beds, carefully turn soil and add compost. Keep an eye out for bulbs.
  • Prune fruit trees.
  • Add compost to fruit and berry beds.
  • Prune shade trees.
  • Prune summer and fall blooming shrubs.
  • Strong spray of water on evergreens and look for early aphids.
  • Spray Bonide dormant oils on evergreens, except blue spruce.
  • Deep water all trees and shrubs.
  • Dethatch, aerate and water lawns.
  • Start broccoli, cabbage, lettuce and slow growing annuals indoors.
  • Plant flowering sweet peas.
  • Start new compost pile.
  • Come in and meet our friendly staff and find out what’s new for the coming year.
  • Attend February seminars.
  • Purchase plants for Valentines Day.
  • Eliminate winter annual weeds, such as wild mustard.

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