What Albuquerque Gardeners Should Do in April:  

  • Average last frost is April 17th, latest on record is May 10th; cover crops if frost predicted.
  • Visit Jericho for all your yard and garden needs.
  • Plant tomatoes in early season plant protectors.
  • Plant fruit and shade trees as well as shrubs.
  • Plant dahlia, canna, gladiolus and lily bulbs.
  • Plant strawberries, raspberries, currant, grapes, asparagus, potatoes and hardy herbs
  • Plant ornamental grasses.
  • Replace high pollen producing plants if you’re allergic to them.
  • Fertilize spring flowering bulbs, do not remove green leaves until they turn brown.
  • Sod or seed cool season lawns.
  • Treat for grubs now and again in August.
  • Apply Suregreen Grass and Weed Barrier pre-emergent weed control to perennial beds and lawns.
  • Prune spring flowering shrubs as they finish blooming.
  • Prune frost damage on roses and grapes.
  • Inspect for pinion scale and early aphids and treat as recommended.
  • Inspect and repair drip irrigation in garden and sprinkler system in lawn areas.
  • Revitalize garden beds with compost.
  • New selection of Weeks Roses arrive at Jericho.

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