What Albuquerque Gardeners Should Do in July:  

  • Be prepared for the hot weather by adjusting your watering schedule in keeping with city ordinances; gardening in the morning or evening, mulch around plants and properly maintaining your irrigation system.
  • Harvest rain water with rain barrels.
  • Install ollas in containers or other areas that may dry out too quickly.
  • Move container plantings to a more shaded area if plants look stressed by too much heat.
  • Apply BT to bud worn or caterpillar damaged plants, i.e. tomatoes, petunias or geraniums.
  • Deep water established trees, shrubs, roses and flowering plants at least twice a week.
  • Continue to mulch with cypress, cedar, or pecan mulch. It conserves water as well as suppresses weeds.
  • Continue deadheading and cut flowers for bouquets for continuous flowering.
  • Pinch chrysanthemums buds back by the 4th of July for a blaze of spectacular color in fall.
  • Check for grubs in lawn areas and treat with Bonide Grub Beater as needed.
  • Mow cool season lawn grasses 2 to 3 inches high during hot weather.
  • Do not fertilize cool season grasses with high nitrogen fertilizers. If lawn is yellowing, apply an iron supplement.
  • Best to plant squash plants now (as opposed to earlier) to avoid squash bugs.
  • Plant green beans before mid-month.
  • Check for pests and diseases on trees and shrubs.
  • Treat for borers on trees and fruit trees with Captain Jack’s Dead Bug (spinosad). Saturate trunk and base of tree.
  • Spray fruit trees with Bonide Fruit Tree Spray to protect developing fruit.
  • Thin fruit or stake heavy fruit tree branches or fast growing plants before any breakage occurs

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