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What Albuquerque Gardeners Should Do in June:  

  • Install rain barrels for the upcoming monsoon.  
  • Look into water rebates from the City of Albuquerque for water harvesting.
  • Adjust watering schedule to increasing temperatures and city watering ordinances.
  • Check for clogs in drip systems.
  • Fertilize roses for continuous blooming.
  • Fertilize flowering annuals and perennials now with Bloom Max.
  • Plant tomatoes and use Superthrive on newly planted vegetables.
  • Mulch your plants as weather warms to keep soil cool and conserve moisture.
  • Attack weeds with Bonide herbicides.
  • Apply second application of Bonide pre-emergent to gardens and open spaces.
  • Spray for insects and diseases on vegetables and ornamental plants.
  • Apply second application of BT to geraniums, petunias and tomatoes.
  • Continue fruit tree disease and insect control.
  • Remove sucker or off-shoot growth from trees.
  • Apply heavy mulch around shrubs, especially newly planted ones.
  • Continue deadheading as needed.
  • Safe to put certain house plants outdoors in the shade and protected from the wind.
  • East Mountain area can start planting now.
  • Kick back and enjoy your yard and garden!
  • Plant warm season vegetables like tomatoes, green chiles, eggplant and squash.
  • Plant annual flowering plants. Color, color!
  • Plant perennial flowering plants.
  • Plant window boxes and container planters.
  • Plant roses and fertilize existing ones.
  • Plant warm season natives.
  • Seed warm season grasses.
  • Sod cool season lawns.
  • Fertilize existing warm season grasses
  • Inspect and treat for insects and weeds.
  • Find out about IPM: Integrated Pest Management
  • Check for elm leaf beetles, spider mites and bagworms.
  • Properly adjusted irrigation systems will reduce water usage.
  • Adjust watering with temperature and wind.
  • Water new plantings daily; consult us about individual plant requirements.
  • Deadhead flower blossoms now and throughout the summer for fabulous reblooming!
  • Treat petunias, geraniums and tomatoes with BT for caterpillars.
  • Fox urine scares the beejebers out of rabbits so maybe they won’t eat all your new plants.
  • Remember your Mama!

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