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  • Can’t Go to the Tropics? Bring the Tropics HOME!

It's January. It's cold. You're isolated. We have a two-step remedy!

Step 1. Come and immerse yourself in our tropical greenhouse. It's toasty warm and humid, and packed from floor to ceiling with a lush array of color, shape, and texture. You may think you hear a fan running, but if you stay very still and listen carefully, you'll hear the voices. Some high, some low. Some fast, some slow. Take your time and "just look" and one voice will become very clear the moment you lay eyes on the source. It will tell you what to do for step 2: "Take me home." 

We have just stocked a huge shipment of house plants from our favorite supplier in Florida, including some that you may not have seen, such as cardboard and foxtail ferns, cylindrical sansevieria, woven dracaena, Chinese evergreen, and so much more.

If you haven't had great luck with house plants, we can suggest some varieties that practically thrive on neglect, as well as plants that have some unique positive effects on your home environment.

We have dozens of photos in a slider on our home page, in case you haven't noticed it yet...

As you visit our Cash House with your new plant, you'll also notice a new line of decor, including Fair Trade metal art from India, and American Made macrame plant hangers. We're on a mission to brighten your winter as we help you plan for spring!

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