"The Big Bad Ugly Guy" story... Richard's favorite explanation of the hydrophobic nature of peat moss. Caution: He may tell it without being asked.

Peat Moss from the bogs of Canada is the most acidic and best water-holding organic material that money can buy. Alkaline soils and sparse rainfall are the two biggest challenges to gardening in Albuquerque, so you really do need to meet Peat.

When planting trees, shrubs, and perennials, we suggest a mixture of 25% peat moss, 25% Back to Earth compost, and 50% the soil that came from the hole. Peat moss doesn't have a long bacteria life but its water holding ability helps the compost bacteria break down organics into plant available nutrients.

Peat moss is also a great ingredient in flower and vegetable beds, along with raised bed mix, soil conditioner, topsoil, Happy Frog fertilizer, etc. Your Jericho Gardening Angels will help you formulate the best combination for your planting plans.

CaSO4·2H2O, calcium sulphate dihydrate, is another ingredient for successful gardening in Albuquerque. If chemical formulas bring back bad memories from high school, just call it what we call it: GYPSUM. It's high in calcium and sulfur and, because it's more soluble than lime (calcium carbonate) it can move farther down into the soil, promoting better root development.

We have an AMAZING BUY on 3.8 cu ft bales of peat moss this week, plus a lot of other soils and soil amendments on sale as well. Check our SPECIALS page!

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