OK, now that we’ve gotten your attention with these beautiful cut flower arrangements, this is going to be a pretty newsy article. We do have a huge assortment of cut flowers, in arrangements priced in the $15 to $30 range plus some amazingly thoughtful $10 single roses. 

In other news….

Our new landscape designer, Alan Leach, is offering an introductory special so we can build a nice collection of ‘before and after’ photos of his work. He will come to your home and give you a professional consultation, ABSOLUTELY FREE for a limited time. Call him at 505-315-2456 to schedule.

It’s a whole new Jericho this week, so be sure you spend some time on the new slider on our front page. Lots of new color, houseplants, and more eye candy, plus early season veggies and herbs, African daisies, PPP (pansies, primrose & poppies), and much more.

"A pot for every plant." 20% off ALL pottery this week. See what else is on sale!

And we were reminded that "Beekeeping" wasn't the best name for tomorrow's Gardinar... this is an introductory presentation and Justin really does a great overview of the benefits of bees, including how you can benefit from them without being the official "keeper"! Register now!

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