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We often wax poetic about how PATIENT gardeners are. How some of them jump like a startled cat when a spring bulb pokes its first shoot into the sunshine; how some plant a tree and envision a swing hanging from a sturdy limb as a giggling grandchild gets a push. We maintain our position on patience, but the fact is that the generation that's the future of gardening is expressing a preference for ways to make things happen faster and more conveniently, and the gardening industry is responding.

A great example is our new "3-IN-1" seed collection:

We just unloaded 30 pallets of new inventory this week, with LOTS of soils to boost our supplies for "preparation" season, including compost that doesn't need you to spend a couple of years nurturing and stirring your veggie scraps and coffee grounds, as well as stakes and trellises and other ready-to-use plant supports, obscure but important soil nutrients like sulfur and gypsum, and lots of other soil amendments that will dramatically improve your gardening success.

We also got some beautiful new hummingbird feeders, including three styles of "top fill" models that make it SO much easier to keep those little guys coming back for more by making sure they are never disappointed when they stop for a sip.

The purpose of our "Gardenar" at 1:00 on Saturday the 20th will be to give you some shortcuts to a beautiful lawn. It's going to be all about weed prevention, watering, selecting the right seed blend, etc. Information that will reduce the chances of your saying "better luck next year". And we've decided to eliminate the cost of admission, so register to attend and join us at 1:00

Refreshments will be served, so make sure you have a snack by your computer.

We are launching our weekly newsletter from a new platform this week. We're actually sending out TWO editions Friday morning, about 15 minutes apart. The first edition will be from the Mailchimp platform that we've been using for years, but the SECOND edition will be from our new platform, and your email system may not recognize it as "friendly" the first time, so be sure and check your 'SPAM' folders around 9:00 for something with the subject line "New Newsletter from Jericho". If it lands in spam, just tell your overly protective email nanny that it's OK.

IS THE WORST OF WINTER BEHIND US? Well, at the moment it's to the SOUTHEAST of us. Our warmest wishes go out to the folks in Oklahoma, Texas, and other states that have millions of people in an extremely uncomfortable situation right now. We truly hope that this destructive winter blast gets a very short attention span.

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