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...to ask this time of year as you shop for plants, especially if you are at one of the seasonal "pop up" nurseries that the big box stores throw together, is "Where did this plant COME from?". If the answer is a blank stare, or, at best, "big truck", you might be taking a chance that the plant isn't really tolerant of our local climate OR it's been warm and sheltered and is just not ready for cool nights or bright sun.

Even at Jericho, it pays to ask your nursery professional. We get plants from all over the country, and some are 'hardened' and some are 'soft'. 'Hardened' means that either our supplier or we ourselves have gradually acclimated the plants to being outside of a protective shelter. PLEASE ASK! And we do stock some plants that are a little 'borderline' for our climate zone, and we'll TELL you how to best improve their chances of thriving.

Speaking of "hardened" you just can't do BETTER when buying trees and shrubs than getting those that have spent several seasons outdoors within a few miles of their future homes. That's why we're so excited about our latest tree delivery! We even made a video about them, they're so special. Just go to our WEEKLY SPECIALS page to watch it!

Speaking of trees, our free webinar at 1:00 pm on Saturday Feb 27th is on tree (and shrub) pruning, presented by Amos Arber of Albuquerque Water Authority, with Dennis Baca of Baca's Trees sitting in for the Q&A session. Fantastic information from two of the most knowledgeable professionals in the state! CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.

We got lots more cool season veggies and herbs in this week, and unless we get another 7 degree night you should be very confident getting them in the ground and on the grow.

And we've got TOMATOES. Way to early to plant... or is it? Well if you want BLT sandwiches with tomatoes from your own garden by MOTHERS DAY this year, it CAN be done! The secret? Start NOW by getting the ground warm for them, and in about a week you can plant them with a high degree of confidence that they will be protected from the coming frosts and will be well on their way to a Mother's Day sandwich! Here's a link to a CLASSIC video featuring our official spokesperson who explains all about it: https://youtu.be/051bLphcvSo

As we've been saying, it's definitely time for soil prep and getting your raised beds ready. Want to start small? We've got some really practical and PORTABLE raised beds made entirely from recycled materials. Looks like FUN!

What else is new, you ask? Well just to mention a couple, a big shipment of big chimineas....

and lots of bulbs that we're working hard to get on our displays...

And we're giving you even more "safe distance" for shopping as we expand our showroom into an adjacent greenhouse!

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