Despite the restrictions that retail nurseries faced in 2020, the demand for fruit trees was unprecedented, and as a result, suppliers all over the country are entering the 2021 season with very limited inventory. We normally get two major shipments early in the season, but we convinced our supplier to go ahead and send BOTH of these shipments right up front, and it’s simply a fact: We NOW have the BEST SELECTION that we will have for the remainder of the year. If you are planning on planting some fruit trees this year, we highly recommend you make your selections as soon as possible. And as an encouragement, we have them on sale this week.

We have had a LOT of calls about ROSES. We are expecting our shipment by April 1st, and we will soon be posting a page showing the varieties we have ordered. As always, selections are limited and we can’t reserve varieties for you, but we will definitely keep you informed so you can shop early and increase your chances of getting a particular variety. And don't forget to register for our ROSE PRUNING webinar, which happens at 1:00 Saturday March 6th. Just click here to reserve your place.

Fortunately, we are getting bountiful shipments of cool season veggies. For the next couple of weeks... as far as we dare predict... we are going to have some beautiful gardening weather with only a couple of nights hitting 31 degrees, so it's time to get these plants in the ground.

We also received 22 pallets of POTTERY, an even bigger and more diverse selection than the shipment we received last year. We are still in the process of unpacking them, but here’s a preview:

We also got a major delivery of talavera, with many new designs! Can hardly wait to see what's in those boxes... someone said "rattlesnakes"...

And in case you missed on the front page of our website, we are extending our business hours, starting TODAY:



See you soon!

Richard, Jennifer, and Your Gardening Angels

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