Where to begin? Lots of announcements!

  • We have an excellent selection of herbs and vegetables, and we're expecting another truckload Friday morning. 
  • Our SOILS inventory has been replenished, including raised bed mix and other favorites! Better stock up!
  • Just in:  New Vanderwolf Limber Pines, in various sizes. A beautiful addition to your landscape! Distinctive, pyramid-shaped pine with long, twisted, silvery blue-green needles covering the dense branches. A superior selection for use as a majestic lawn specimen or landscape accent. Excellent pest and disease resistance.
  • In case you missed it last week, our post on inoculants is a MUST READ.
  • We now have GERANIUMS in several different sizes. 5” for $7, gallons for $15, baskets for $30, and 12” pots for $40. It IS going to freeze again, so watch the forecast and move them inside on those frosty nights.
  • We previewed the pompom topiaries and the serpentine weeping Blue Atlas Cedars last week, and just across the path from those you’ll find "bonsai" types… distinctive shapes that will remind you of a Japanese garden.
  • Another fresh shipment: New Mexico grown perennials in gallons (below) and quarts. These are hardened off and ready to plant! Nice weekend for it...
  • When do you plant potatoes? St. Patrick’s Day! We’ve got ‘em and it’s TIME. Why not try something NEW this year! Check out this video on planting potatoes in a STRAW BALE garden. And we have a few straw bales left, on sale while supplies last.
  • Want to know more about when to do what? We've got the famous Farmer's Almanac plus two beautiful calendars!
  • You know we rock, right? We rock so much we had to create a "Southwest Annex" to display our landscape stones. Still on sale this week, including these NEW ones! 
  • "Ouch! I should have been wearing a pair of Armadillos!" Save yourself the pain and blood... pick up a pair of "Armadillo" protective sleeves. Rose pruning comes to mind, of course, but have you ever been sliced to ribbons by Pampas grass? 

And one more thing. The first day of Spring.

Saturday, March 20th!

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