Don't you just love waiting in line? Didn't think so! Not that we couldn't sell a lot of candy bars if we built a junk food tunnel on the way to the cash register... but we know you want to shop safely and quickly so you can get those plants home, so we are ADDING another "Cash House"! This one will be near our east gate and have multiple registers to enhance your shopping experience, and we're adding additional tablet based fully portable units as well!

Searching for an adjective? "Slick. Progressive. Cutting edge."

Be sure to spend some time watching the slide show on our home page. We are just bursting at the seams with new veggies, herbs, and bedding plants, plus hanging baskets and more! We have expanded our shade houses and added more doors to allow more shopping space and improve customer flow.

Nothing comforts like the sound of water. Well, there's that FREE INSTALLATION that comes with our fountain rocks! That's mighty comforting, too! Need more comfort? Check out this weather forecast! SEE YOU SOON!

Richard and Jennifer and your Gardening Angels

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