...so we made an express order, and now have Banks roses, flowering quince, winter jasmine, forsythia, Stella, Van, and Bing cherries, Oklahoma redbuds, flowering almond, crabapples, and peonies! Limited supply, going fast.

But that’s not all. We had trucks and trucks and trucks come in this week, lots of soils, more 16-8-8 fertilizer, and locally produced IPEMA Certified Playground Bark (softer and lighter), plus Espresso and Red naturally dyed bark, and pecan shell mulch.

And just as our photographer was leaving, yet ANOTHER truck arrived, and we've...

That's a photo from last year, so be sure you check our Instagram page to see some snapshots of the current, much bigger selection. And it's on SALE!

What else is new? Thanks for asking...

Lots more talavera, including those beautiful mirrors. Lots more COLOR, and we’re getting 50 hanging baskets today!

You know we have weekly specials, right?

We also work very hard to make EVERYTHING special at Jericho Nursery, and our amazing staff of gardening professionals love being your gardening partners.

Check out our landscape consultations, free fountain rock installations, and our new mobile checkout stations!

We will be closing at 4 pm on Easter Sunday. Have a beautiful weekend!

Richard, Jennifer, and Your Gardening Angels

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