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Wow. Where do we begin?

Were you among the amazingly patient gardeners in April of 2020 who helped us adapt to the new shopping restrictions as we 'car hopped' your orders in the most beautiful parking places in town? Yeah, that patience thing keeps coming up... like today when we unloaded the roses. They are lush and fresh and absolutely FILLED with potential. Over the next few weeks, we'll have that rose garden we promised you, but this year all of our roses are the same color. Green.

Why? The weather in California caused a two week delay in getting them started this year, so they are a couple of weeks behind what we have seen in previous years but they are just brimming with buds, and you have much to look forward to! We will be giving more detailed advice next week about caring for new roses, and of course we'll answer any questions you may have when you make your selection.

Roses aside, Jericho Nursery has never been so well stocked and the trucks keep coming. Sometimes that's a bit of a challenge because our loading zone is also YOUR parking lot, and your gardening experts are also our unloaders and display stockers. We will always do the best we can to address your needs promptly and thoroughly, and we really appreciate your understanding if you catch us in a hectic moment.

Richard, Jennifer, and Your Gardening Angels

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