Be sure you watch the quick video we produced yesterday as our much anticipated (think of a new iPhone being released) second truckload of Weeks Roses was not only unloaded, our amazing crew actually got them on display in that rose garden we promised. It was near the end of a long busy day with two other trucks (including 50 trumpet vines) of fresh stock already unloaded, and we had really planned to leave them on the racks, but we turned our back on the staff for a while and they just KNEW what to do! What a team!

Shhh... don't tell them, but we have three more truckloads of bedding plants coming today!

We know this is a special weekend when special people in your lives are anticipating something special, and so many of you have already picked up hanging baskets, geraniums and other traditional favorites. We have lots of other great gift ideas, too:

We all know how great Moms are at making decisions... and every GIFT CARD comes with a free plant!

Pick your level of thoughtfulness:

And once again, we must acknowledge our appreciation of YOUR appreciation. Our Gardening Angels have been passing along your comments like "We've been to other nurseries, and you guys REALLY have it DIALED IN!" and "We don't mind waiting... we are GLAD to see you SO BUSY." It may not seem like anything special, but it really means a lot to us... THANK YOU!

Richard, Jennifer, and Your Gardening Angels

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