You've probably heard the old expression, "got it made in the shade". Webster provides two definitions: to have a very easy life, or to be in a very good situation. Most people envision someone totally relaxing (in the shade, of course) after a long period of hard work has resulted in achieving their goals.

We just had the biggest weekend in the history of our business. We have the best staff, the best selection, and the most amazing customers of any nursery in town, so for sure that second definition is appropriate, and for that we are incredibly grateful. 

We beamed with pride as we watched our amazing staff rise to the challenges of everything from parking our guests to minimizing the wait time for check-out. We don’t know how they could have done it better, but we're having a debriefing soon so our staff can give us some more of their great ideas. We also want to recognize Wendy and Janna as our PLAYERS OF THE WEEK for their pivotal roll in making things run so smoothly during this record breaking weekend.

Relax? Normally we DO take a deep breath after Mother's Day weekend and pause the buying and do some strategic planning. But this week, we have received 9 truckloads of new stock and more coming next week. We know you count on us to have what you need, and as long as our sources can supply it, we'll be doing our best to do so. Those trucks delivered over 200 pieces of new metal art, plus trees, shrubs, annuals, perennials, vegetables, pesticides, fertilizers, soils, and more. Recipients of those Mother's Day gift cards should have no trouble at all finding something to delight!

We moved our shade-loving shrubs and vines to a new display area behind the shade house, and moved shade-loving annuals and perennials into this area, enabling us to get everything off the racks and on display.

We added more varieties of your favorite Xeric plants, and we have the best selection of Xeric we've ever had.

And be sure you take a walk through our forest... our selection of shade, ornamental, and fruit trees is truly amazing!

We also received ladybugs and mantids this week - voracious natural pest control!

Once again we are so appreciative of the dedication and skills of our Gardening Angels, and the patience and kind remarks of our amazing customers. See you again soon!

Richard and Jennifer

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We unloaded a forest yesterday.

We unloaded a forest yesterday.