The word of the week is MORE!

Two weeks since Mother’s Day, and just in time for MeMORial Day weekend with THREE days for planting and gardening, we have more.  More roses.  More bedding plants.  More fruit trees, shrubs, annuals and perennials, and we just received over 100 crape myrtles.  (But wait!  There’s more! )

We have more landscape rocks, including some beautiful 'giant gemstones'.  More metal art, vegetables, pesticides, soils, organic and non-organic fertilizers.

Trucks 'n' TRUCKS full!

We have beautiful coral glow yucca plants and the most amazing butterfly bushes – you’ve never seen flowers like these.

Wait until you see the new shade space north of the shade house, where we moved our shade loving trees and shrubs to make room for our shade-loving annuals and perennials inside.  Need we say . . . more?

For the first time in recent memory, we have the time to stop, say “hello” to our visitors, answer your questions and share knowledge with our “normal" patience, grace, and humility.   We’re proud to provide quality, selection, service, and knowledge, so when a visitor asks, “Why are your roses $10 more than some others I have seen?”  We don’t know how to say it bigger, louder or prouder:  “I’m glad you asked.  It’s because we offer more.”

No better example of “more” exists than our PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Gary Pena, who joined us full-time in April. Gary is always early, he’s humble, hardworking, and unbelievably patient with our visitors.  He knows that you can probably find what you’re looking for without his help, and yet he takes the time to say, “Let me show you.”  We appreciate Gary’s efforts to make Jericho a better place to work and shop.


Do you know the difference between a “native” plant and a xeric plant?

We do. Check in next week for details. Better yet... ask your Gardening Angel next time you stop by!

As always, we appreciate you!

Richard, Jennifer & Your Gardening Angels

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