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As Memorial Day shuffles spring out and summer in, we are still bringing in merchandise by the truckload.  Good timing... as COVID 19 restrictions become more relaxed, you’re probably thinking about “dressing up” your home and landscape. Hurrah! for you, and for us – our selection is incredible!

Personally, we hope to finish planting our own garden before our Memorial Monday barbecue!  Good news: you haven’t missed the window on any planting, except maybe cool-season vegetables – and we have the best selection of vegetables and herbs ever.  Right now, veggies and herbs are a smokin’ hot deal as we have extended our Veggies and Herbs Flash Sale: one free with the purchase of four!  Hurrah

(Speaking of Memorial Day, we are open from 10 am to 3 pm) 

More to “Hurrah!” about:  RAIN is in our forecast!  Make the most of our favorite four-letter word with R A I N barrels on sale for $100, and remember that if you’re on city water, the Albuquerque Water Authority offers a rebate of $25 up to 150 gallons (3 barrels). Easy math, easy process – your $100 barrel is $75 with the rebate, and we have applications here.  The rebate on any barrels purchased over three is $50.

Don’t miss our beautiful hanging basket sale, where our $49.99 selection is now only $29.99. Mandavilla and bougainvillea baskets are excluded, but they are still 20% off!

Dreaming of the tropics?  Save 20 percent on our spectacular selection of hibiscus, bougainvillea, cannas, and mandevilla.  Be sure to check out the Spanish broom, variegated maiden grass and butterfly bushes. We have new dwarf pomegranates loaded with blooms and fruiting now.  We just received 15-gallon golden rain trees, which are extremely fast-growers but not large, Raywood ash trees, and umbrella catalpa trees PLUS wood violets for the first time this year.


Our last “Hurrah!” is reserved for Mikayla. She's positive, knowledgeable, and an extremely hard worker.  She delights in helping our visitors, and on the rare occasion that she doesn’t have your answer, she is eager to get it for you, and for the NEXT person who asks that question.  She supports her co-workers, covers other shifts, and is always eager to help.  We are glad you are here, Mikayla, and we are so lucky that Jericho Nursery got to be your VERY FIRST JOB!  


We often hear our visitors say, “I want a native plant.”  It’s possible that you do want a native plant, but it is more likely that you need a xeric plant. For example, we see aspen and ponderosa pine in northern New Mexico, “natively” growing at over 10,000 feet.  In southern New Mexico, agave, ocotillo and barrel cactus also grow on the mesa.  Aspens and ponderosa pine require a significant amount of water and the rich soil we find at 10,000 feet. Agave, ocotillo barrel cactus in southern NM need practically no water, but may not thrive as well here as we might think. 

Consider a xeric plant and we’ll help open the garden gate to an entirely new selection of plants that don’t require much water, like chamisa, Apache plume, yucca and more.  See one of our helpful Gardening Angels for xeric plant suggestions.

It feels so wonderful to be out and about and see so many SMILING FACES! We look forward to seeing YOURS again soon!

Richard, Jennifer, and Your Gardening Angels

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