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  • What do you do when it is hot, hot, HOT?

Plant, of course!  With a bit of discretion and planning – and WATER, of course! Now is a great time to plant, even with temperatures in excess of 100 degrees. Tolerant and adaptable xeric plants are great options now, and our Jericho selection is robust... look at the new AGAVE (Century Plant) we just received! 

You have been asking for roses, and we currently have them in quantity – starting with 50 Blaze climbing roses PLUS Mr. Lincoln, Henry Fonda, Cinco de Mayo and extremely strong Knockout roses, all in bloom.  Climbing roses have been scarce this year – get ‘em while you can!

Trees and shrubs are here!  Get your apricot, apple, fig, and cherry trees, including six-in-one apple trees (a different apple on each branch), and three-in-one cherry trees with Bing, Black Tartarian, and Montmorency varieties.

We're in the pomegranate business in a BIG way too: 50 trees just arrived, now $49.99. You're also noticing Smoke Trees in bloom all over the valley; these trees typically reach 20' x 20', but we also have the Winecraft Smoketree Bushes for small er spaces, with mature dimensions of 5' x 5' to 5' x 7'.

Vines, vines, and more vines!  Trumpet vine is in bloom, and we got a fresh shipment of grape vines:  Thompson seedless, Swenson red, St. Theresa, and Princess seedless. Our bedding  and houseplant selection is HUGE (!), including some really amazing orchids...

...and just in from California, butterfly WEED (asclepias tuberosa), complete with many Monarch larvae!

Speaking of HOT, higher temperatures make life more difficult for plants.  More water is necessary, and managing for pests is paramount.  (Did we mention discretion and planning? We did!)  While pest management works better at cooler temperatures, don’t wait if pests are destroying  your plant(s).  Petunia budworms and cutworms can quickly destroy entire plants. Treat them now with BT! We also got a fresh shipment of water soluble fertilizers, a great choice in hot weather.


In order to become a good teacher, one must also be a good student, and our favorite reference book has always been, Western  Garden, which indicates that the geographic area from the bottom of La Bajada hill south to El Paso is considered a single climate zone. Anyone who has traveled that route, especially during winter or summer, would obviously question that, but what if you're new to the area, and did some "Googling" and found an article that used that popular book as its source for this particular factoid?

Our Jericho Gardening Angels consider knowledge a matter of pride. We grew up here, we know about our environment, soil conditions, viable plants, proper treatment AND we are here to help, support, and advise.  Not sure about a plant being suited to our zone? How much water it will need? Care and feeding? Is it sun or shade-loving? Ask away – that’s why we’re here!

We got seven truckloads this week, including a restock on soils, including the Fertiloam Ultimate Potting Mix you have been asking about, AND several pallets of Raspberry Ice flagstone!

By the way... Father's Day!

Lucky you and lucky Dad! GARDENING TOOLS are on sale this week... and if you don't want to drop such a strong hint, you can't miss with a Jericho Gift Card!

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Thanks again for your continued support!

Richard, Jennifer, and Your Gardening Angels

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