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Chances are that you don’t spend much time thinking about mulch or the reasons you need it. Well, we do! Mulch serves a valuable purpose for your plants, cooling them in summer and warming them in winter, while keeping moisture in. All mulch fades in the New Mexico sun and breaks down organically, so it is necessary to replenish it. Easy enough!  Just add “new” mulch to the top. Gardeners really love Enriched Mulch: half compost and half hardwood mulch, a brilliant solution because this year’s mulch becomes next year’s compost, adding nutritional value to the soil as it breaks down. 

We have a great variety of textures and colors in stock... and ON SALE this week for 3 for $25: Cypress and cedar have bug deterrent properties; cypress mulch is a bit chunkier in appearance, while cedar is darker and more fibrous (shredded). Pecan shell and our espresso and red colored mulches provide great visual appeal; pecan shell is our personal favorite, available in a one-cubic foot bag, locally supplied.

All these are good for landscaping but don't decompose rapidly enough for your garden, so but how do you provide the benefits of mulching to your veggies?

STRAW BALES are the perfect solution!

We’re now past the warmest month and the worst of the triple-digit temperatures, although July and August are typically more humid, seem hotter, and we’re tired of the heat by then.  Rain is in our forecast, and we may already be witnessing summer monsoon conditions.  With cooler temps, rain and humidity, it is time to feed, and safe to use granular products!  We are well stocked with our 16-8-8, plus Bloom Max 10-55-10, Enchanted 15-30-15, and Gardeners Special 20-20-20; just ask your Gardening Angel for a recommendation. We also just received a big shipment of the popular Fox Farm products, and YES, that shipment included HAPPY FROG SOIL CONDITIONER!  

Introducing: "Portable Raised Beds 2.0"

Mark the date:

TJ’s seed sack, Jericho and Cumulus media broadcasting live from Jericho Nursery . . .  October 23 - all day event with food trucks and live music.  Pumpkin contest weigh-in, Pumpkin carving, and pumpkin glowdeo, 4 to 7 p.m. 

Our talented staff has been busy doing a major reset in the bedding and shade houses, so we shot some fresh photos and posted them on our front page this week; be sure you check them out... or even better, come to Jericho and check out the real things!

Have a cool weekend!

Richard, Jennifer, and Your Gardening Angels

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