Apologies for not calling your attention to our Gardening Calendar recently! CLICK HERE to see what Albuquerque gardeners should be doing in July!

We also want to advise you that we are open on Sunday, July 4th, with slightly different hours, 10am to 3pm. We will be open normal hours on Monday.

The weather continues its trend toward higher humidity and occasional light rain, but we must again remind you that these conditions have a minimal impact on your need to continue your summer watering schedule, as we enjoy daytime temperatures in the upper 80’s and lower 90’s. Historically June is our hottest month in Albuquerque, and we’re even talking about PUMPKINS as we look forward to even cooler daytime temps. TJ’s seed sack, Jericho and Cumulus Media will be broadcasting live from Jericho Nursery on October 23 - an all day event with food trucks and live music. Pumpkin contest weigh-in, Pumpkin carving, and pumpkin glowdeo, 4 to 7 p.m. And we just got these AMAZING ceramic talavera style pumpkins, along with more gorgeous metal art (new photos on our front page gallery). 

It’s time to fertilize if you haven’t, and with all the watering you did in June it’s especially important now. We have a huge variety of fertilizer formulations, including Bloom Max 10-55-10 (that ’55’ represents phosphorus, which supports bloom and fruit production), in a water soluble that you should use every 4th or 5th watering, or in time-release granular form. Our 16-8-8 can be used on EVERYTHING, with its higher nitrogen to support the growth of greenery. Most vegetable gardens are still in the ‘growth’ phase and aren’t quite ready for ‘production’ fertilizer formulations.

A number of our customers are also growing cannabis, and we have a variety of Fox Farms products to recommend, based on your stage of growth.

You probably haven’t seen them yet, but they’re coming. Squash bugs! If you don’t have it on hand already, pick up what you need for the one-two punch for these destructive pests:

  1. Diatomaceous Earth, which creates lesions in their tough exteriors, followed by

  2. “Eight” dust, which has a much better opportunity to kill these armored pests as it enters through the lesions created by the DE.

These bugs do not have a larval stage. Watch for eggs on the back of leaves, which will hatch into tiny bugs with big appetites.

And remember “BT” for budworms on petunias and geraniums, as well as those big fat hornworms that love tomatoes.

If you are noticing some stressed areas in your lawn, the most common causes (aside from no-hose disease) are grubs and fungus. We have Insect and Grub Control, and Infuse for fungus. 

It's a GREAT time to freshen up your flower beds and planters, and we have so many summer annuals craving independence, we have a "Buy 4, Get 1" special this week. Be sure to check our Weekly Specials page for details on this and more great deals!

We continue to be complimented on the quality and selection of our plants, but more importantly on the knowledge and service of our amazing staff. Thank you so much for your continued support as we all grow better together!

Richard, Jennifer, and Your Gardening Angels

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