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To treat, or not to treat –

We’ve said it before, we’re saying it again:  we’re past the hottest days of summer - except for this weekend... do weekends count? Please, no. We really do want to maintain our record of always being right!

But we’re back in the 80s by Monday, so IF you haven’t applied pre-emergents or you haven’t fertilized, DO IT!  (But, really:  isn’t it too hot?)  In the circle of plant life, we water more when temps are high and wash the nutrients away from our plants, while In extreme heat, the need for phosphorous is critical.  Your best bet: fertilize twice as often at half the recommended strength.  A granulated product can be used less frequently and works best when days are cooler and the chances of rain are higher.   Whether you’re using a water-soluble or granulated solution, apply late in the day and get the maximum effect at the lowest risk over the next 24 hours.

By now, summer bloomers are probably looking (and feeling) tired.  The solution? Fertilize!  Avoid fertilizing trees and shrubs right now unless you want to promote blooming.  For crepe myrtle, Althaea syriaca (Rose of Sharon), caryopteris, summer bloomers, butterfly bush, Bloom Max will support and extend bloom time over the next three months.  

Keep in mind that a weed is a pest, and IF it is causing damage, treat it.  Bermuda grass in your vegetable garden? Left untreated, it WILL take over! You know  they’re coming:  chickweed and spurge appear late in the season. Pre-emergents are safer than post emergents, and the balance lies in figuring out whether or not your pest is truly a problem. If you had weeds, grubs, crabgrass or other pests last year, you are wise to anticipate another attack and treat accordingly.

It can be confusing, and that’s why your Gardening Angels are here . . . we’re happy to take the time to talk you through it.

Thank you again,
Richard, Jennifer, and Your Gardening Angels  

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