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With temperatures staying in the low 90's, shorter days, longer nights, and higher humidity, we've seen our nursery stock as well as what's blooming all over Albuquerque go into CELEBRATION mode! Our roses have literally exploded, and everything from crape myrtle to althea is joining in. As you drive around town, you'll see these as well as Russian sage and potentillas really strutting their stuff.

It's not too early to think about a BIG chiminea to chase the autumn chill, nor is it too late to remember your thirsty birds! We just got a big shipment of these functional and decorative creations, as well as huge selection of inlaid concrete benches.

Also just in, a fantastic array of NATIVE winter hardy cactus, including prickly pear (thornless), Bishop's caps, rainbow, and pink bloomers, all 'out of the norm' in terms of quality. We also received NATIVE Thompsoniana yuccas (best we've ever had, starting at $350), as well as agave and ocotillos.

We have had people notice and comment about how much more relaxed and refreshed our staff seems these days. With our busiest season behind us, we don't need as many 'staff hours' as we did for several months, but we've got the best TEAM we have ever had, so rather than lose even one of our core people, everybody is getting 3 days off now, to enjoy their family, their gardens, and other relaxing times. NOW you KNOW why everyone seems just a little more chill and has more time to provide their expert advice and great service!

Be sure you take a look at our SPECIALS page - what you need now is on sale now. We've rolled back our root stimulator prices to pre-pandemic levels, and YES, it's a great time to plant as well as enjoy how well your established plants are doing. We're also helping you control pests and diseases, from moles to insects to fungi. We've got a lot of shrubs on sale, plus all annuals, veggies, and herbs. Check it out!

Thank you again, and we will see you soon!

Richard, Jennifer, and Your Gardening Angels

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