You hear it every year, but this year we’re calling it a little early. “Fall is for Planting” really isn’t about the calendar… every year is a little different. Last year we had a dry July and August, but this year the monsoons came early, along with lower temperatures, so WE CALL FALL! Our featured image is our display of Tiger Eyes Sumac, and fall color is beginning to show itself!

What else should you be thinking about in August? Check out our August Gardening Calendar for lots of reminders!

We received FOUR shipments of perennials this week, and we can’t remember a year when we had more new stock in bloom! And Fall is definitely a fantastic time to plant perennials. You can enjoy them now, and our Gardening Angels can give you tips on winter care to maximize root development so that they are even more beautiful when they bloom next season. OH! The BEST part: They’re on sale this week - buy 4, get 1 (equal or lesser value) FREE. Add some color now that will carry you through to PANSY season!

We also got a fresh shipment of annuals this week: marigolds, portulaca, petunias, and zinnias, and this new stock is INCLUDED in our half price sale on annuals.

We were pleased to see so many of you at the Lavender Festival, and we have a great supply in stock, so be sure notice our sale on lavender this week.

We got some new evergreens, including blue spruce and a variety of arborvitae that can reach 40 feet in height!

Are you capturing rainwater? Our rain barrels can be daisy-chained to take advantage of the fun fact that an inch of rain on 1,000 square feet of roof yields 600 gallons… and Albuquerque Water Authority customers qualify for great rebates! Wholesale and shipping costs for rain barrels have gone up, but we’re holding our price as long as we can… take advantage of us!

Have you voted for your favorite local businesses? Just a reminder that the polls close on August 1st! Click on the image above and show your support for the businesses that have been here for you through a VERY unusual year! It's a LONG list and covers every conceivable business... just look for

As always, we appreciate you and look forward to seeing you again soon!

Richard, Jennifer, and Your Gardening Angels

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We unloaded a forest yesterday.

We unloaded a forest yesterday.