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The 100+ houseplants that were mostly still in shipping boxes this time last week are all on display now, including baskets GALORE, so be sure you stroll through our tropical greenhouse on your next visit. Many more are on display in the shelter over our cash house, as well.

We also got even more agave, yuccas, cactus, and other xeric plants, with agave starting at $69.99. Take a stroll through "Bob's Berm" on your next visit, too!

Our 2022 Farmers Almanacs are here!

"Useful with a pleasant degree of humor." Sounds like good advice already!

If all goes as planned, we will be introducing you to Tyler and Thumper next week! The stage is set! The film crew is on the way! Quiet on the set? We'll see...

We are expecting a shipment of Aristocrat and Cleveland ornamental pears, as well as the ever-popular Purple Leaf Plum trees, and even MORE exciting... ristras, mums, and pansies! Should be a VERY colorful week coming up!

See you soon and appreciate you always,

Richard, Jennifer, and Your Gardening Angels

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