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  • Fall is for planting… and we TRIPLE guarantee it!

Fall is for planting because the temperatures are cooling, rain is more abundant, winds are moderate, and in our climate, roots develop all winter long to give your trees and shrubs an incredible head start in spring.

We extend our guarantee beyond the normal 30 days this time of year because your deciduous trees and shrubs will soon LOOK dead! We triple the guarantee to 90 days… and extend it further to “leaf out” time in the Spring, as long as you DO YOUR PART to assure a healthy start: buy and use Root Stimulator and Compost.

Our Root and Grow helps your plant recover from transplant shock quickly and start growing where it COUNTS! It is formulated with high phosphorus for new roots and Indole-3-butyric acid, a rooting hormone. Compost helps plant growth by balancing soil density. In soils that are too tight, compost helps to loosen the soil; whereas in soil that is too loose, it helps to clump it together. This balancing allows plants to develop healthier roots into the soil contributing to healthier growth. Even though fall is six months ahead of spring, fall planting is more like a YEAR'S head start.


1. Dig a hole at least twice as wide, but just as deep as root ball.
2. Mix garden compost and peat into the soil in a proportion of between 1/3 and 1/2.
3. Set plant into hole and back fill with prepared soil.
4. Soak the plant thoroughly with water and then water every day for two weeks.  Continue to water as the plant grows and don’t forget to water in winter.  Use root stimulator weekly.
5. Cover with mulch to help retain water. Choose cypress, cedar, pecan shell, enriched, or color enhanced mulch - your Gardening Angels will help you decide!
Tip:  Use the leftover soil (the part that was not mixed with compost or peat) and make a berm around the plant the same diameter as the hole, to retain water.   Leave it in place for a year, preferably longer!

We have your fall decorating needs! Pumpkins, Ristras, Corn Stalks, and Straw Bales! Pansies, Kale, Dusty Miller, and MORE to refresh your flower beds and outdoor pots! Several of these fall favorites are ON SALE now, so be sure to check our SPECIALS!

And don't forget to browse our selection of chimineas and pick up some firewood!

Do you have guests from out of town... out of state... out of the COUNTRY for Balloon Fiesta? Be sure you bring them by Jericho after the balloons land to see how we do it in the desert! We'll have coffee, hot cider, and treats, but mostly we'll just have FUN meeting your friends and talking about our favorite subject! 

Special SHOUT OUT to DKM ASPHALT for their excellent work in transforming "Lake Jericho" into "Jericho Creek". We know you will enjoy dryer feet in wet weather, ALMOST as much as WE are enjoying it!

Next week: preparing for the first frost, which WILL be in October!

Thanks again, and have a brilliant weekend!

Richard, Jennifer, and Your Gardening Angels

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