Yes, the traffic on Alameda that prompts us advise you to plan your visits to Jericho between the hours of 10am and 4pm. 

We love the traffic because of the much needed boost that Balloon Fiesta is bringing to Albuquerque businesses! We really want to thank the tourist community for your support of the world’s most famous hot air ballooning event - you are REALLY making a difference in people’s lives!

So far, our ‘farthest traveling’ visitor to Jericho has been a lovely lady from Russia. That’s gonna be pretty hard to beat!

Meanwhile, back at the gardening center, we got three truckloads of stock this week, including more pansies, perennials, citrus, Chinese pistache, Korean Sun pear, Raywood ash, aspen, cottonwood, Japanese maple and more fall color trees. We also got a LOT MORE ristras - come take your pick while selection is best!

Yep. 35 degrees in the forecast for Tuesday night, which means a possibility of frost in some areas. We have moved our broadleaf evergreens inside - even though they are winter hardy, being in pots makes them a bit vulnerable... but it's a great time to take them home and get them in the ground!

If you still have tomatoes on the vine, you should probably think about your final harvest or protecting your plants. Definitely plan on bringing in your tropicals. Treat them for pests while they are still outside with Eight spray and Systemic Houseplant Insect Control granules for the months ahead.

We’ve got a great selection of saucers, pottery, rolling caddies, and plant stands for your move-in, as well as lots of chimineas and firewood for your first cool evenings on the patio.

Come see us and see it all... and enjoy a hot beverage and a New Mexico treat!

Richard, Jennifer, and Your Gardening Angels

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