What an awesome event! Great crowd, lots of entries in our contests, amazing food and music, and as you can see in our special video, Gardening Angel Jesse deserves a special HOOO RAH for how masterfully he handled all those pumpkins, including some weighing over 100 pounds!

“Fall is for PLANTING!” Yes, we said it again.

It’s important to remember that those trees, shrubs, and perennials STAY in the mood to get planted even after Halloween… after Thanksgiving… and beyond. We say this because a lot of gardeners tend to switch to “winter mode” a little too early, when in fact those plants will have plenty of time to start establishing root growth even when planted when the calendar says 'winter'! SO, just in case you’re one of those folks, take advantage of our sales and plant while you’re still in the mood.

Raywood Ash

Along with candids from our weekend event, we’ve added some photos of “what’s colorful now” to our front page. The blazing cottonwoods are just breathtaking, but we also have several varieties that look similar to each other because of their dark red leaves this time of year, such as Raywood Ash, Flowering Pear, and Chinese Pistache.

Chinese Pistache became popular in our area about 20 years ago, and they have done so well they are now a "go to", as they don’t require much water, are very sturdy and not subject to bug problems. Now in stock!

Speaking of what's in stock, we have a big delivery of locally grown pansies coming in on Friday! Grab a flat and splash some color in your beds and planters!

Fall is for Winterizer

This special blend concentrates on root growth, and now is the time to apply it to your trees, shrubs, roses, and lawn. 

We also have bales of straw, a great way to provide extra protection to marginal plants and outdoor faucets.

It was great seeing you at our event this weekend, and we look forward to seeing you again soon. We are here to provide you with quality, selection, service, and ANSWERS during this very important gardening time of year.

Richard, Jennifer, and Your Gardening Angels

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