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Why don't maple trees in the Albuquerque area look like this in the fall?

This photo is from Tulsa, OK, and you will see similar color on maples as you continue to travel east. Why not HERE?

Maple trees need ACIDITY in the soil to pop like this, and with our alkaline soils, it would be a year-round project to maintain soil acidity where a maple tree is planted to stand a chance to get this kind of color.

For better luck getting a bright red tree in the autumn, try a Frontier Elm. Fast growing, low water shade tree, a very rare combination! We have a few in stock, and FALL IS FOR PLANTING!

Speaking of color, our gardenartists are putting together color bowls with kale, dusty miller, pansies, snapdragons, dianthus,  and stocks.. and some even have spring blooming bulbs underneath! Pick one that’s done… or pick a beautiful new pot and tell us what you want planted in it!

Fall Color Bowl

Remember Grandma's houseplants? Odds are high that her favorites included wandering Jew, Swedish ivy, bridal veil, devil's ivy, spider plants, California ivy, and ferns. By all means, wander through our tropical greenhouse and pick up a few on your next visit!

Along with our 20% Off sale on hanging houseplant baskets, we also have a 20% Off sale on Asian pottery, including fabulous new selections from the 27 pallets that we are still busy unwrapping and putting on display. You've never seen such color and texture as you will see in our 2022 pottery selection.

Combine a lush green plant, a glistening colorful ceramic pot and a macrame hanger and you’ve got something VERY SPECIAL that you can set aside for a special Christmas gift. Better get one for yourself, too, because you won't want to part with the only one you bought!

Grandma's House Plants

November is already beautiful, and we aren't seeing a freezing night in the 14 day forecast. Perfect for biking, horseback riding, a casual walk... and PLANTING!! What else do Albuquerque gardeners do in November? 

Check out our November Gardening Calendar!

Come pick up come color for this season, and plant a tree for seasons to come!

Thanks again for your business and your friendship,

Richard, Jennifer, and Your Gardening Angels

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