With a lot of rumblings about a harsh winter ahead, are you properly grateful for this mild November? Is there a spot in your yard that needs a tree or some shrubs? Are you pansy plots perfectly peaked? And have you shifted the nutrient mix in your soil to support root growth and discourage greenery production?

On sale this week for $30, pick up some bags of Winterizer 5-20-20.
Still time to plant pansies, we've got them on sale and we've got plenty.
We've extended our sale on shrubs and trees and even extend our guarantee
For a healthy leaf-out - ask the next Gardening Angel you see!

Lemons, limes, and oranges (20% off) add a fresh, cheerful fragrance to your home, and with such an incredible selection of pottery in stock you can create some truly special living decor!

The Euphorbia trigona Rubra, African Milk Tree, is an unique succulent that slowly grows into a tall plant perfect for a bright spot that needs something special. Thick stalks of green with light green streaking pattern have 3 sides, creating a 3d triangle shaped trunk. We have a limited selection of big ones at an excellent price - $100. And pots to match, of course!

As we all look forward to Thanksgiving, stay healthy and safe and come see us soon!

Richard, Jennifer, and Your Gardening Angels

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