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  • This Christmas Thing is in FULL SWING!

WE are DELIGHTED when YOU are delighted, and that's the feedback we are getting from this year's fresh cut Canadian grown Fraser-Balsam Cross Fir trees! Every tree is displayed in a water-filled stand and gets a FRESH CUT when we send it home with you. Get it back in water as quickly as you can and it will stay fresh L O N G E R! Our first shipment is on display and our second shipment arrives TODAY! Wreaths and garland are also ON THE WAY.

Our paperwhite bulbs are eager to amaze you with their fast growth and beautiful flowers - take some home and watch them do their thing! We also have other traditional holiday bulbs: amaryllis and forced bloom hyacinths. 

Our POINSETTIAS bring back the WOW - we have several colors, and they are ON SALE NOW! Check out our Weekly Specials page.

Let's talk about the weather, shall we? Yes, it's been crazy warm for December so you do need to continue watering, either by triggering your sprinklers manually or hand watering. And there's still time to WINTERIZE your trees, shrubs, and lawn as well.

In the meantime... have you got a supply of firewood for that next cold snap? We have really stocked up, and you can get what you need, be it a bucket or a pallet full. Speaking of a cheerful crackling fire, we also just got some amazing Oaxacan chimineas. Distinctive design and VERY durable clay for years of enjoyment.

Next time you hear bells jingling, look around for Richard... he's not far away.

See you all again soon - let's get this Christmas party STARTED!

Your Gardening Angels

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