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  • All done with 21. Let’s do 22!


We are putting together an exciting series of Gardening Seminars, starting with our PRUNING SEMINAR on January 22 at 2pm with guest speaker Amos Arber of the Albuquerque Water Authority. Amos is a certified arborist and will help you understand the basics so you don't damage your trees in your efforts to make them more healthy and beautiful.

We have also gotten a commitment from State Horticulturist Marisa Thompson to do a presentation on Rose Pruning, with the date to be determined.

We're finding that our speakers are super excited to be presenting to real live audiences after SOOO many ZOOOOOOOMZ, and we know our Gardening Community is anxious to "commune" again! The price of admission will be $10, and it includes a $10 Jericho Gift Card!


As you can see from our new Weather Widget, we have some frigid nights coming up. If you're having a hard time conjuring up memories of a hot summer day tending your garden, we get it. But this is a great time of year to PLAN. Come see our great selection of 2022 seeds and try something new this year! And if that doesn't warm you up, just drop by and...


We are putting all House Plants on sale this week, 20% off - a perfect match for the 20% sale that we have extended on our Asian and Mexican pottery. In addition to our tropical greenhouse, we have more hardy plants, such as cactus and succulents, on display in our Cash House area as well!

Here's to making 2022 your BEST GARDENING YEAR EVER!

Richard, Jennifer, and Your Gardening Angels

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