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Well, DURING a frigid winter night, a lot of folks 'cruise' the Internet, and every once in a while find something really interesting. Scientists have been studying the speed of the snap of a finger. Seriously. Finger snaps last only about seven milliseconds — that's roughly 20 times as fast as the blink of an eye. 

But the weather looks pretty good for the next gardening week, and it's a great time to prep your soil with compost and other amendments. Have a chat with your Gardening Angel and find out what's best for your planting plans and enjoy the weather while it's tolerable! Who knows when that next SNAP will hit us!

This is also a great time to start seeds! We've got an an amazing selection of 2022 seeds from several curators, as well as seed starting supplies. It's lots of fun, especially when you get the kids involved. Ask your Gardening Angel for tips!

Chime in! We have completed setting up our 2022 display of melodic wind chimes. Lots of sizes, tones, and colors. Absolutely guaranteed to add a cheerful chord to the chilliest days.

With the Christmas trees out of the way and some decent weather this week, we were also able to finish displaying our recent pottery shipment; we've extended our 22% off sale on pottery as well as our 20% off sale on house plants. It's a beautiful week to pick up a couple of great buys and green up your living space.

Be sure you check out our Weekly Specials page - more photos of the pottery, new photos of our yard art, and great buys on citrus and fruit bushes.

We'd be honored to help you plan your planting!

Richard, Jennifer, and Your Gardening Angels

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