If you're one of those folks who thinks a raised bed is just a box of dirt, it might be fun to use your favorite search engine and find some "raised garden bed ideas". Building new beds or freshening up the ones you've got is definitely a "January Must Do" item!

In recognition of that, we have put Rocky Mountain Soils "Peat and Sheep" on sale this week. This unique soil amendment supplies both nutrients and acid to your soil and will get your raised beds primed for planting. If you're starting from scratch, ask your Jericho Gardening Angel which raised bed mix will perform best for you!

We have a great selection of seeds that you can start indoors - check out our selection of cool season veggies! Another nice thing about raised beds is that they are more convenient to cover if there's a late frost warning.

Important reminder: Don't miss our PRUNING SEMINAR on January 22 at 2pm with guest speaker Amos Arber of the Albuquerque Water Authority. Amos is a certified arborist and will help you understand the basics so you don't damage your trees in your efforts to make them more healthy and beautiful. Please reserve your seat, as space is limited and your reservation will help us plan refreshments!

Enjoy the weather this weekend, and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

Richard, Jennifer, and Your Gardening Angels

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