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Take a look at what's new at Jericho this week! Richard Hobson takes us on a stroll down Yucca Lane, irritates everyone within earshot by ringing an entire display of wind chimes, and tells us about some of this week's specials!

We got more houseplants, including beautiful ferns, Creeping Charlies, spider plants, and more... including some really impressive and inexpensive red philodendron, red and variegated rubber trees, and more.

Even though our photographer visits every week, beautiful things happen around here EVERY DAY! Our Gardening Angels post photos on Instagram frequently and you can see our Instagram feed even if you don't have an Instagram account.

Check out our Instagram Page!

We have made an adjustment to tomorrow's seminar; ABQ Water Authority is unable to provide their speaker this weekend, so Richard and Jennifer will be covering some basics on tree pruning plus conducting an 'ask the experts' Q&A seminar. "What would you like to learn today?" opens up for questions from our gardeners, with answers that will be of value to everyone in attendance. Due to the great response and limited seating, we have suspended registration for THIS weekend's seminar, and scheduled another one for next week. Whether you are a beginner or a Master Gardener, come enjoy and learn!

Admission is $10, and all attendees receive a $10 Jericho gift card.

We will have Amos Arber's full PRUNING SEMINAR in the near future; watch for an announcement and an opportunity to register. In the meantime, here's a registration form for next weekend's event:

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