You're not gonna let it sneak up on you this year, are you? We've got you covered for Valentine's day with a beautiful selection of cut flowers, only $12.99 a bunch.

Look what snuck up on US! When our photographer visited yesterday, all hands were on deck unpacking HUNDREDS of plants. Houseplants, herbs, vegetables, and more. Lettuce, tomatoes, lemongrass, parsely, cauliflower, geraniums, begonias, mint, dill, peas, shamrocks, and... what's in THAT box?

Come on in while the selection is incredible! And be sure you check out our "Gallery" page for the latest photos uploaded by our staff as all these beautiful plants go on display. We even got some new PERENNIALS... is it too early to go from greenhouse to ground? What if we get another 15 degree night?

Ask your Gardening Angel for some advice; these are really lush and we know you're itching for some


We have rescheduled the TREE PRUNING SEMINAR by Amos Arber of Albuquerque Water Authority, and by popular demand he will be adding a Q&A on FRUIT TREE pruning. The seminar is Saturday, February 26th at 2:00 PM. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.

We are thrilled at the response to our BEE BASICS seminar with Justin Armstrong, coming up next weekend! CLICK HERE TO RESERVE YOUR SEAT!

And of course you don't want to forget ROSE PRUNING with Marisa Thompson on March 5th. CLICK HERE TO SAVE YOUR SPOT.


WOW, look at the GARDENING WEATHER we're gonna have this coming week! Well, don't just LOOK at it... DO something in it! We're here to help! See you soon....

Richard, Jennifer, and Your Gardening Angels

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