In a few more weeks, our classroom will once again become display area for bedding plants and veggies, but we really do love the opportunity to just spend time with gardeners and bee huggers, share what we know and inevitably learn something new in the process of fielding some great gardening questions. We have Tree Pruning, Rose Pruning, Bees TWO, and Container Gardening coming up very soon - you'll find details and registration links on our home page.

We have had TEN truckloads of new stock delivered in the past week, including 350 trees! Fruit, Ornamental, and Shade! 4 in 1 apples, plums, pears, hawthorn, weeping willows, flowering pears (new JAVELIN variety), purple leaf plums, Merlot and Oklahoma redbuds, and more. Literally the best selection of trees we will have this year... fruit trees are getting especially hard to find so shop NOW.

The past few nights have given new meaning to "cool season", haven't they? We aren't suggesting you plant even COOL season veggies if you anticipate ten degree nights, but we'll soon be past those, and we're ready for you with lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, mint and MORE! $5.99 a six-pack.

Did you say Xeric? Well, you said Zeric... but we know what you meant. We got new agave, red yucca, and MORE!

Exciting times ahead! See you SOON.

Richard, Jennifer, and Your Gardening Angels

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