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  • How We Lean In to Inflation

This pine tree forest is an example of our attitude right now. Be sure you visit the front page of our website and our specials page for other examples of MORE and BETTER. This is the year to have the greatest EVER variety in your yard and garden because WE have the greatest ever variety of plants for your selection.

Everything that gets here, or to any other store, comes by truck. As fuel prices rise, there’s nothing we can do to keep prices from going up, so we chose to intensify our commitment to add value to your shopping experience.

If nobody hears it but you, it’s a compliment. If a lot of people see it on their computer screen, it’s a review. One of our new employees was thrilled to report that a customer told her today “I haven’t seen service like this before!” And that’s how a compliment becomes a review. Our Gardening Angels look forward to earning your delight.

We're here to show you around and answer your questions, but if you just want to browse and think and plan, take your time and come back when you're ready to brighten your surroundings or plant some food.

Yeah, the weather for the past few days hasn't been very pleasant but the next couple of weeks look really great! We planted a tomato to celebrate.

See you soon!

Richard, Jennifer, and Your Gardening Angels

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