(That's what a guy who walks into a shade house full of roses and citrus says, right?)

Seriously now... the roses arrived Wednesday, and we sent out a text alert about it but had a technical glitch and most of you who wanted it didn't get it. Sorry! But it's all for the best - the roses were all outside on racks and we had them all covered up by 4:00 to protect from the predicted frost. We are rapidly getting them off the racks and that rose garden we promise every year will be waiting for you. And we're the first in town to have our Weeks! A few that we ordered were not on the truck - your Gardening Angels can help you find what you're looking for.

The vast majority of the roses are in tight bud, so you will be able to enjoy more time with the blooms. DON'T PLANT THEM YET, as there is another freeze predicted for NEXT Wednesday night. Just keep them watered and protected, enjoy the blooming process, clip the blooms when you plant them and enjoy a sweet bouquet.

We also got a nice shipment of citrus, sharing the indoor display space with the roses.

The roses kept us busy enough this week, but we also got several deliveries of bedding stock! Next week we're expecting several truckloads of trees and shrubs.

We are also very well supplied with pinons, boulders, and rock fountains. A great time of year to do some landscaping - come check 'em out!

The Albuquerque Home and Garden show is this weekend - we'll be there, come if you can... lots of great ideas.

This will be one of those weekends where we will really appreciate your patience, and as always we look forward to seeing you!

Richard, Jennifer, and Your Gardening Angels

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