"Climate Change" has more than one meaning.

  1. This week, we're showing two different sections of our rose display. The photo on the left shows roses that we displayed outside, but covered two or three nights during the cold snaps of the last couple of weeks. The roses on the right were put inside our shade house immediately upon unloading. The difference in temperature over just a couple of weeks has made a dramatic difference in bloom. Also on the topic...
  2. It’s a little early to move houseplants outside (under shelter), but when you do, it’s a good idea to flood the plants four or five times to flush out salts and really get every cubic inch of the soil rejuvenated and ready for a more frequent watering schedule.
  3. Got a HOT SUNNY spot? Good choices: Lantana, Russian sage, dahlias (on sale this week), yuccas (we have the bright red "brake light" variety!), vinca, potentilla, butterfly bush... to name just a few.
  4. Dare we say no more frost? It’s still a possibility according to the record books, but we have had such magnificent gardening weather on the weekends, and we’re going to repeat that this weekend.

"I had no idea!"

We love it when folks stop in who had previously only driven by; they always say that. We try our best at "curb appeal" but the transformation that has taken place this week is literally breathtaking. We have not only added more stock, the plants in our shade houses are GROWING incredibly fast. They are like "Donkey" in Shrek, jumping up and down and saying "Pick me! Pick me!" And just when you think you have no more breath to take away, you walk around back and BOOM:

We have just gotten a new supply of hummingbird feeders and squirrel proof bird feeders for the first time. Really fun to watch how frustrated the squirrels get!

"Like I've never seen" is something else we're hearing a lot lately, as people get wowed by these new Pink Pom Pom redbuds, pink wisteria, crape myrtle TREES, umbrella catalpas, figs, and more.

So much has transformed, we totally renovated our homepage carousels, be sure and check them out!

Easter Sunday Hours: 10am to 3pm

As always, we love your company! We hope you love ours.

Richard, Jennifer, and Your Gardening Angels

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