Curiosity asks the question... fragrance answers it first.

It happens so much at Jericho. We see you sniffing. Blooms and herbs, mostly. But some of us get triggered by burying our nose in a tomato plant. Nothing smells like a tomato plant.

Richard Hobson has six hummingbird feeders at his house, and had to walk a mile from home to see his first one of the season. But they're here - and more arrive every day, hungry. We have a nice selection of feeders, and the best selection of NECTAR we've ever had. Learn more on our "Specials" page.

Operating a gardening center involves three things, really. Unload the trucks, water the plants, and be nice to people. We are smack in the middle of the busiest season of the year, and there's a lot of that to do every day.

We know you'd love to help unload the trucks and water the plants, but what means even more is how so many of you make it so much easier to be nice. Thank you!

We've been going on and on about roses, veggies, and color so much lately that we failed to mention that our SHADE section is absolutely lush. When you see flats of plants parked UNDER the table, you KNOW we've got a lot of stock. 

Very pleased to announce a recent delivery of some extremely nice GRAPES!

Thank you, Janna Hobson, for taking a career path detour
just when we needed your special gifts.

Anyone who ever asked her a mildly challenging gardening question, was likely given a very honest answer. "I don't know anything. My Dad makes we work here." 

There is plenty to do around here without being the person who arranges the perennials in alphabetical order by botanical names. She did it all with a profound work ethic and a joyful heart. We will all miss her as she returns to her original trajectory and know she will bless and enrich those she serves as they fly away with her.

We added a quote to our "About Us" page
that will tell you a lot about Janna.

Have you signed up to receive Text Alerts? We're doing a SPECIAL broadcast today with a built in discount. If you haven't joined the list yet, you will automatically get this deal as soon as you sign up.

We appreciate you!

Richard, Jennifer, and Your Gardening Angels

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