Good news! It's our busiest time of the year!
Bad news: It's our busiest time of the year.

As you can see from the snapshot of our rose display, we have neatly consolidated from both indoor and outdoor areas being completely full to all remaining Weeks roses occupying just a portion of our outdoor area. We are so pleased that so many of you found the varieties you wanted! You might look at that bare display area and think "bad news", but the "good news" is that our next shipment of 1000 roses is scheduled to arrive next week, just in time for Mothers Day! Check our Rose List for what we are expecting in this shipment.

We were a little disappointed in our latest shipment of hanging basket annuals. But the exceptionally good news is that our supplier agreed and is replacing them all with some absolutely stunning new ones, which should arrive some time today.

It's been a LONG time since we've had bougainvillea baskets, but we just received these BEAUTIES yesterday afternoon! Just in time for... yeah, THAT day!

We have exhausted the supply of Sure Green 16-8-8 that we bought before the wholesale prices went up, so Sure Green is now $39.99. But it's still the BEST FERTILIZER AN ALBUQUERQUE GARDENER CAN BUY.

We have gotten so many compliments on how well we are stocked in comparison to other local sources, and on our "ROCK STAR" staff as they do an incredible job restocking our displays and keeping them watered. But our inventory is turning so rapidly now, it's literally impossible to predict (on our website or a phone call) exactly what we will have when you arrive. A particular variety of flower or herb or veggie can go from 'in stock' to ZERO at any given moment... and here comes something exciting to take its place. And as much as our Gardening Angels LOVE to give you the personal attention you deserve, they are serving your needs better with their long busy days by getting those beautiful plants unloaded, displayed, and keeping them healthy. We appreciate your understanding during crunch time.

We just got our first shipment from Growing Awareness Urban Farm! These plants are grown using organic methods, and are absolutely beautiful. At the moment, we have tomatoes, strawberries, and basil.

We got another shipment of Pecan Shell mulch, but we had to pay more for it so the price is now $17.99. We also restocked raised bed mix, topsoil, and mushroom compost this week.

We got 20 new wisteria this week, in bloom and beautiful.

We also received 100 new lavender plants, Monrovia quality, best in the nation. Lots of sizes from which to choose.

Thanks to Gardening Angel Gary for sharing a sign that he recently saw in a restaurant: "There is a huge shortage in the workforce. Be nice to the ones that showed up."

Enjoy your next visit - may you find what you were looking for and a nice surprise too.

Richard, Jennifer, and Your Gardening Angels

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