Xeric Plants

You couldn't pick a better time to plant those heat-loving plants, like Xeric and Texas Sage, and even Hibiscus if you give it plenty of water. Our inventory is huge and diverse, and we are having a FLASH SALE this weekend! Are you signed up to get our text alerts? You couldn't pick a better time... a special alert will be broadcast Friday morning!

We are seeing an outbreak of No Hose Disease - folks are bringing in pictures of plants that are simply dehydrated. High temps - low humidity - WATER WATER WATER!

This not the time to spray herbicides on weeds in your lawn, but it's a great time to go after the ones that are poking through the gravel and flagstone. The high temps make the weed killer, whether it's vinegar or a chemical compound, work even FASTER! We have a great choice of options and the expertise to make a recommendation - just ask your Gardening Angel.

Same goes for pesticides - not a good time to spray, but we do have a good supply of those aphid-loving LADYBUGS!

It's about time to start your cool season veggie seeds - we have a good selection of seeds, plus seed starting supplies and expert advice!

We got some great 5 gallon Texas Sage this week, and we added them to our Clearance Island - get a $59.95 plant for THIRTY BUCKS!! Be sure to check our SPECIALS PAGE - we have added some new GREAT DEALS!

And our TEXT ALERT subscribers will be given a HEADS UP on some UNADVERTISED SPECIALS Friday morning... be sure you're signed up.

We look forward to seeing you again soon!

Richard, Jennifer, and Your Gardening Angels

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