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...and other Xeric plants too! Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Use Authority is promoting a Desert Friendly Conversion Rebate of up to $2.00 per square foot of high water use turf grass being irrigated with spray type systems that is converted to Xeric plants with drip systems. To get all the details on the program, just CLICK HERE.

While we always maintain a great inventory of cacti and yuccas, we have ordered a special shipment of drought tolerant plants, including orange and yellow Kniphofia, Achillia Paprica, Agastache, Asclepias, Coreopsis... you get the idea. The list is over SIX pages, including several NEW varieties of Coreopsis, Echinacea, Rudbeckia, and more. This shipment also includes a huge variety of traditional perennials in 1 gallon size, and a ton of 4" herbs and annuals! It's a great time to freshen up your beds and pots as we have several more months of great weather to enjoy color and fragrance.

We expect the shipment to arrive some time Saturday and if you have an interest in a text notification when everything's on display, we are doing a TEXT ALERT which will be broadcast ONLY to people who join this special list, so sign up even if you're already a subscriber to our usual text alerts:

And don't forget, we have a lot of drought tolerant plants on sale now, including several types of Desert Willow, Mexican Bird of Paradise, and Mexican Fence Post Cactus.

Need some landscaping inspiration? The PLACITAS GARDEN TOUR is coming up! Sunday, September 11th, 9am to 4pm. The event website gives you previews of the gardens, tour map, and a link to buy tickets. Enjoy!

We are adding more sheltered display area by extending our hoop houses. It will be ready soon, but for now when you see a sign that says "Thunderdome"... don't go beyond.

We look forward to seeing you again soon, and we REALLY appreciate your business!

Richard, Jennifer, and Your Gardening Angels

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