Advice is a funny thing. It can be taken seriously or ignored completely. The exact same suggestion from a long time friend, personally known professional, or family member is much more likely to be followed than if it came from a stranger. It's the same information, and acting on it would produce the same result regardless of the source.

We give a lot of advice at Jericho Nursery, and we certainly get a lot. But what we really enjoy is when we hear customers giving each other gardening tips... sharing their experience with particular plants or growing techniques. Perfect strangers, yet the comment has credibility. Why? It's human nature. It's how communities are built. People who share common goals and interests sincerely enjoy helping each other. And there's no more fundamental example of that situation than gardening.

We are honored to have your trust and we appreciate your thinking of us to fill your gardening needs.

We received shipments of bird baths, kiva ladders, and chimineas this week. Add some classic New Mexican accents as you look forward to our beautiful autumn weather.

Enjoy our freshly stocked blooming perennials! Getting them in the ground now will assure continued root development during the cold months and a fabulous bloom next season. All perennials on sale - see our Specials Page for details.

Texas Sage in Bloom

A lot of trees and shrubs will bloom after a rain, but Texas Sage has a reputation for blooming when rain is COMING in the next few days. That's why they call it the "barometer bush" and we have them on sale this week as well, 15 gallon size at more than 50% off.

We are also now well stocked with citrus, including grapefruit, lime, blood orange, mandarin, and navel orange.

We are sharing another Simon Sinek video on our “about us” page, and we picked up a very interesting nugget in the closing minutes. He worked with a New York homeless lady on her marketing. He suggested a new message for her cardboard sign. She normally collected $20 to $30 in an entire day. With the new sign, she collected $40 in two hours… and left. What were the magic words on that sign?

And speaking of magic words, the CDC has just relaxed their Covid-19 restrictions - see your favorite news source for details.

We look forward to seeing you again soon!

Richard, Jennifer, and Your Gardening Angels

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We unloaded a forest yesterday.

We unloaded a forest yesterday.