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...get the first fire roasted green chile of the season? Get the first pansies and mums of the season? Plant cool season veggies so you can still be eating fresh salad from your garden on Thanksgiving? No argument there! 

But it's also the best time to plant GRASS SEED! Days are shorter and cooler, rain is more frequent, humidity is higher... even better conditions than in the spring. Whether a new lawn, overseeding, or filling in some bare patches, the middle of August to the middle of September is THE SEASON! We have a great variety of grass seed in stock - ask your Gardening Angel for a recommendation! We also have a handout on how to PREP your soil for seed or sod. Proper PREP is ESSENTIAL!

Speaking of cool season veggies, don't count on being able to get PLANTS when it's time to get them in the ground. We have been notified that the major supplier (you seriously see them EVERYWHERE), Bonnie, is not producing cool season veggies plants this fall. It's time to get your cool season veggie seeds and START THEM YOURSELF.

We just got our 2023 Botanical Interests seeds, including a large selection of cool season veggies. 2023 Lake Valley seeds are also in!

And for the first time ever, we're putting Hudson Valley and Sandia Seed (2022) on sale for HALF PRICE. Check them out on our Specials Page, along with a lot MORE plants that you'll love to add to your landscaping NOW!


And being perennials, they are also included in our PERENNIAL SALE!


HARDY BOY 4-PACKS: $2.99 each, flat of 18: $49.99

Tune in for more seasonal and sage advice, as Jericho owner Richard Hobson joins Bob Clark TODAY (Friday) at 9:00, and returns for another slot Saturday at 8:30. Tune in to KKOB AM 770 or FM 96.3!

More exciting news! We have a major WEBSITE MAKEOVER in the works, as well as a PODCAST and major expansions into multiple social media platforms! Stay tuned for updates, and watch for links to FOLLOW!

As always, we appreciate the opportunity to be a part of your world,

Richard, Jennifer, and Your Gardening Angels

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