We’re here to give you an amazing gardening experience... to enhance your life. We don't get to watch it as it happens, but we hear about it when you come back later in the season and show us your photos. As an employer, or goal is for our staff to feel that this is the best job they have ever had. Fortunately, we do get to watch that as it happens... our Gardening Angels love helping develop Empowered Gardeners, and take your success very personally. Thank you for giving us that opportunity!

We received a hundred cases of house plants this week, including a large number of succulents, top quality and amazing selection! Every room in your house needs plants!

Also new this week, a nice selection of IRIS, including several rebloomers...

...and we are happy to report that we located a New Mexico source of cool season veggies, and have a nice selection of herbs as well!

More good news... we received a lot of fall color, including mums, pansies, kale, snapdragons, dianthus, dusty miller, and stock. Check out our specials page for sure!

Treat for BORERS now, if you haven’t already. Any pitted fruit (prunus) including almonds (even a flowering almond shrub) and nuts. We recommend spraying Captain Jack’s Deadbug (Spinosad) every other week from scaffold branches to trunk until the end of October. Biological safe control. Not toxic to people.


We are pleased to announce we are re-activating our LOYALTY PROGRAM! We will be asking for your phone number as you check out so our system can keep track of your purchases, and at least four times a year we'll mail you a postcard with a special deal for Loyalty members only. We still have records on previous members, but there's no harm in signing up using the form below just to be sure... ESPECIALLY if you have moved or changed your phone number.

See you again soon!

Richard, Jennifer, and Your Gardening Angels

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We unloaded a forest yesterday.

We unloaded a forest yesterday.